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March 31, 2015

Hey if you guys want to ask me anything - you hate me- you love me blah blah. I would love to hear from you.  Just go to the CONTACTS section of my website and it will tell you how to get in touch with me. I will get back to everyone

Love: Chris

  • Written about 36 minutes ago
    I just sauntered into this Costco like Halston walking into Studio 54 in 77. Thank Gold Member card.
  • Written about 42 minutes ago
    Is this Wham reunion ever happening or should I just donate these neon short shorts to Goodwill?
  • Written about 3 hours ago
    The @thedirtyat1230 is as much fun as you'll have doing or watching stand-up. Thanks @gabelopezcomedy and everyone at @southpointlv
  • Written about 24 hours ago
    Can you believe some people make a living just looking like people? This idiot can. I'm just…


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